To visit all the Cinque Terre Villages

- Vernazza-Monterosso Blue Path SVA - Time 1h 30' - At Payment (Included in 5Terre Card). Free from November to April.
- Vernazza-Corniglia Blue Path SVA - Time 1h 20' - At payment (Included in 5Terre Card). Free from November to April.
- Corniglia-Manarola - Hight Trail - Time 2h 30' - Free
- Manarola-Riomaggiore (Beccara) - Hight Trail - Time 1h - Free 

Other wonderful paths

- Levanto-Monterosso Blue Path SVA - Time 3h - Free  

- Vernazza-Monterosso - Hight Trail - Time 3h - Free

The listed paths present difficulties and are suitable for experienced people. It is recommended to cover them only with optimal weather conditions and suitable shoes. These instructions do not in any way constitute an exhortation to follow them, a decision that each person must take personally taking the direct responsibility.

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The free trails are usually the least crowded