Instructions for use the Santa Marta Rooms Voucher

To use the Voucher received following a cancellation for the 2020 season and not falling within the full refund parameters due to Force Majeure or Forced Conditions, proceed as follows: 

-identify a date and a structure available via the "Book Now" buttons" and make the reservation. 

-contact us at our e-mail address attaching the voucher that you have available. 

-wait for our reply with confirmation of the price adjustment, the price of the Voucher will be reduced from the amount of the balance to be paid upon arrival..


the amount of the voucher will be deducted from the total cost of the new booking, which will be subject to the prices and conditions of the period in which you intend to book. 

The purpose of the Voucher is to allow those who have paid a cancellation penalty to recover the money spent obtaining a stay equivalent to the one booked; for this reason it will not be possible in any way to obtain a refund if the new booking is of an amount lower than the canceled one. 

Vouchers issued as a result of bookings made on, since they include commissions paid by us, if they are of an amount higher than the total price of the equivalent stay with direct booking, will not give the right to a refund of the difference; moreover, always the same ones coming from if they are used for structures or stays of different lengths they will be counted 15% less than their value: this is because the booking made directly on our site has already a lower price than the equivalent on as already deducted from the commission.

The voucher can be used within 12/31/2023.